Lookout on the Grand River… in a box

Lookout on the Grand River... in a box
Lookout on the Grand River… in a box, originally uploaded by seyDoggy.

Back in April, the GRCA called me and asked me if they could use this image in a clean air promotion. Just yesterday I got this image in an email to show me the out come. I was pleased 🙂

Image credits: Grand River Conservation Authority

“[We] will be using the trailer at various community tree planting and other events. The idea was to create a shipping crate, with its ‘live trees inside’ message. Planting trees means clean air and clean water….and voila…look at the beautiful surprise that awaits you inside.”

“The co. that installed the wrap is Twin City Graphics in Kitchener. The graphics are printed on a 3M product, and Twin City plans to enter the trailer in the annual 3M vehicle wrap contest.”

“Many thanks again for the use of your most beautiful image. You likely cannot read it, but your pic is credited on the bottom right corner!”