TextMate Tip: Use Color Picker in All Bundles

After reading this TextMate tip this morning about using the color picker in TextMates CSS bundle, it reminded me of an article I thought I wrote once about extending this same color picker functionality to the other bundles I commonly use in TextMate (namely Property List). After a quick search here and on other blogs of mine, I was unable to find it. So I Googled it and as it turns out, I blogged about it on Flickr of all places. Knowing the information wasn’t of much use there, I thought I had better revisit this tip for the benefit of other geeks.

Use Color Picker in Other Bundles

So here is the gist of it; in the CSS bundle in TextMate you can quickly pick colors for your CSS properties. This is great, but I do a lot with hex colors in other bundles too, like the Property List, Javascript and jQuery bundles. So here is what I did…

I opened the Bundle Editor (⌃⌥⌘B), went into the CSS Bundle, found the “Insert Color…” command and made a copy of it (it’s the ++ icon at the bottom of the panel). I selected and renamed the command and changed it’s Scope Selector from “source.css” to “text, source”. This will enable color picker for just about everything. “text” will cover all of the plain text based languages like HTML, XML, Property List, Markdown, BB Code, LaTeX, etc… While “source” will cover all the programatic languages like CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, etc…

Now keep in mind that this particular command is going to add the hash (#) as a prefix. This may not suite you needs for some languages so you may choose to make another “Insert Color…” command for those languages and modify the appropriate lines, then use “source.actionscript.2”, for example, as your Scope Selector.

Play around with the poosibilities and have fun.

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