i am teh sick

One thing they fail to tell you when you sign up at the “start your own business” stand is that you are it; you are the big cheese, the secretary, the janitor… you are the work force. But what happens when you get sick? You can’t call in sick. You can’t just hide in your cubical and sleep it off.

That’s the harsh reality for many of us small business owners. We are the only one we can count on to get the work done and our reputations, let alone bottom lines, cannot afford to take rime off fora cold… or can we?

One thing I have worked hard on with my company is not working hard. I don’t mean to sound like my life is a peach and I don’t do an honest days work because I do. But I build flexibility into my work week. I work on a 4 day schedule with and assumed 5 day week… huh?

I work Monday to Friday but assume that at least one full day will be spent goofing off, researching, experimenting with code, playing games, or if need be, getting well. I compensate for this day of not working, I may work a few hours one evening, get up early another day, not take a lunch the next. In the end it all equates to me not feeling so guilty on a day like today; a day spent sniffling over a box of tissue as I half heartedly performed some machine maintenance, answered a few support emails, and poked around a few forums.

Will the company fall apart come Monday? Nope. According to my 4 day plan I am right on schedule. 🙂

Do you work for yourself? How do you plan for sick days and expected interruptions?