RW Updates Gets a Dust-Off

Here is a site that’s been in need of attention for a little while now, and being as we are between themes right now I thought what better time to give [RW Updates][a_091208163321] some love. RW Updates (now called RapidWeaver Updates) was started a few years ago to offer those wishing to track all the latest RapidWeaver developer goodness in one main point. It’s served that purpose well.

The most notable change is the width. I’ve all but given up on narrow sites — I’m over the skinny… and the scroll. The second most notable change is the boxes. Each new article shows up in a box — small, compact, easy to get through in a hurry.

Ok, I lied… the MOST notable change is that the site is just plain sexy now! [Don’t you think][a_091208163321]?


[a_091208163321]: “RapidWeaver Updates daily RapidWeaver news”