democamp Guelph a big hit… again!

democamp Guelph
democamp Guelph by Kevin Hansen
{ pictured (left-right): @jooliah, @CuteGecko, @seyDoggy, @cutergecko · photo courtesy @kevinleehansen of monsterfarm }

Last nights democamp Guelph held at ebar was just awesome! This was my second time out to democamp Guelph and it always amazes me that you can get a bar filled to capacity and yet the attendees are quiet and listening intently to what’s being presented. Yeah sure there is a dull roar between demos and the occasional moment of riotous laughter during some demos, but overall, this is the most well behaved, polite crowds I’ve seen.

What’s the end result when you have a room full of well behaved, fun and friendly people? It’s an environment that breeds passion, support and creativity… and isn’t that really the definition of innovation? That is what democamps/barcamps/meetups are all about, sharing innovative ideas.

The regularly scheduled event was followed up by the democamp “after-party”, if you will, at a quaint and rather historic pub around the corner from ebar, called The Albion Hotel. A number of us developer/designer types went to just carry on where we left off at democamp. More talk about new ideas, politics, and just plain old laughter and libation consumption.

To all those who I got the chance to talk to last night, thanks for the stimulating conversation and laughs. Until next time!

For a detailed write-up and pics of the nights events, presenters and sponsors, head over to monsterfarm’s democamp Guelph Roundup.