WritePad for the iPhone

So I thought I would try WritePad after my last post about Spell Helper. I had looked into WritePad before but it seemed too complex for my needs. A lot of iPhone apps include file systems, formatting options, various document types, etc — all the stuff I don’t really need when writing for the web.

I decided to take a second look at WritePad. It’s actually not as complicated as I initially thought.

Let’s start with the points that had failed me in Spell Helper; WritePad still only has presets for sending the finished product to mail but there are some additional sharing options. However, WritePad saves your progress and allows landscape mode.

But here is what WritePad does better; it auto-saves (as far as I can tell.. Er… Or maybe not), it has a far superior auto correction/suggestion to what iPhone offers by default, post-edit spell check, shorthand expansion, trainable dictionaries and much more. And one feature that I’ve been toying with is hand writing recognition. I’ve found it a slow way to write so far but as I get used to it (or it to me), it gets better. I can see its potential.

What it doesn’t have (for which I am thankful for) is any sort of formatting options. That’s a big plus for me since it will allow me to write faster with less clutter in the way.
So I will take back what I said earlier about Spell Helper, perhaps it is too basic. I think WritePad will be my text editor/spell checker of choice for now.

Maybe someday my dream of an iPhone or iPad version of TextMate will become a reality.