XBOX Console and Controller Connection Issues

xbox_360_elite_wireless_controller_connection_issues-20100216-152016I am a recently new member in the league of XBOX owners having purchased one just over the holidays. It’s not been a tough uptake of the technology — they are, after all, made for kids — but one thing I have found frustrating is the lack of clear and concise direction on various issues I’ve had to troubleshoot.

There is a forum, but I’ve found most answers there are from 9 year old trolls who just learned how to spell their favorite curse words and are bent on calling everyone “Captain Asstastic” and suggesting that people stick various things in various places where the sun invariably does not shine. This culture is, to say the least, not my cup of tea.

Recently — in the last two weeks or so — my wireless controller has refused to stay connected to my XBOX 360 Elite and despite my best efforts I was unable to pinpoint either a cause or solution to this odd behavior. I was no longer able to start my console using the controller. If my controller powered off while away from the console I would struggle to get them to sync again. At times it take as many as 10 attempts, pushing both the sync button on the controller and on the console, before I could regain any control over the XBOX again.

Google searches found lots of people with the same struggle but yielded no advice to rectify the situation — at least not without wading through pages of bashing, insults and ill written diatribes against those who dare ask for help in a forum.

Today, at my wits end with the situation, I decided to just start pulling things out of their sockets to see if anything would trigger a happy ending. I removed and reinstalled the hard drive, I pulled of the wifi unit, I disconnected the av cables…

And then I disconnected the power cord from the wall… viola! After plugging the unit back in my wireless controller and console were friends again with full control restored.

Hopefully this helps anyone who is suffering from the same trouble I was.