Good Times Had by All at #kwdm

Last nights Waterloo Region Web Design & Technology Group Meetup (also known by it’s Twitter hash tag, #kwdm) was another well put together event, thanks to the always wonderful and gracious @jooliah. This months presentations were exceptional and very well received.

First up was @cdutson, a veteran of the #kwdm scene, with a thought provoking look at the oft maligned (by me anyhow) FireWorks. As one of Adobes applications in the Creative Suite lineup, I’ve only delved into FireWorks on the odd occasion — likely as far back as it’s MacroMedia days. For me, then, it wasn’t Photoshop and nor should it have been as @cdutson pointed out last night. It’s just another powerful tool in the designers shed and @cdutson did a great job pointing that out.

Immediately follow was @tinyHippos with a brilliant demonstration of their soon-to-be-released mobile app testing platform. I have had the opportunity to hear Dan speak about his product twice before last night but in both cases the format and/or the forum were not ideal for @tinyHippos to really delve into the possibilities of their project. Last nights longer form, more casual speaking platform gave the crew ample opportunity to show off their brilliant wares. Learn more here.

The next presenter can only be described as the face of the region, @TheSignDepot. As one audience member put it to them, “Are there any signs [in the region] that you haven’t done?”

With some of the most profound quotes of the night, Peter of @TheSignDepot wowed the attendees with his dedication and knowledge of the sign making craft but also with his evocative words of wisdom and his mind for business and integrity, “There’s tons of work out there, especially if you’re a good company.”

And last — but never least — @jooliah gave us more facepalm tips and tricks that we should all know (but sadly don’t) in that venerable beast of all Adobe apps, Photoshop. She earned a John Hughes slow clap with the “Crop and Straighten Photos” automation feature that has apparently been available since CS1. Classic falcepalm right there.

As always, a great many thanks to @jooliah as well as @aroundkw for putting on another successful #kwdm.