How to Get iOS4 to Sync Your Photos

Since I went through the arduous, two hour long process of upgrading my iPhone OS to iOS 4, I’ve been nothing but thrilled with what felt like a brand new iPhone 3G. There was just one exception; I couldn’t sync my photos.

I don’t store music on my iPhone. I have little in the way of apps. I don’t keep voice recordings. I use the bulk of my iPhone’s 8 GB of storage space to carry my photos — lots of them.

As an [avid photographer][a_100716073342] I have tens of thousand of photos digitally stored on my Mac Pro going back as early as 2003 (when I started scanning my film onto disk), so I wouldn’t expect my iPhone 3G to carry all that, but prior to the update to iOS 4 I was at least able to sync the photos from 2009 and 2010 (just over 3000 images). Any attempts — 3 thus far — to get any photos on my iPhone resulted hours of, “Syncing seyDoggy’s iPhone” and a candy striped status bar with no progress to report. I literally left it run overnight and woke to no advance in the process.

iPod Photo CacheClearly something was amiss with iOS 4 so I sought to solve this mystery myself. It took one quick look into the Pictures library where I was drawing these two folders from (2009 and 2010) and noticed a folder called “iPod Photo Cache”. Trashed it. Quickly looked in any other folder I may have synced with my iPhone in the past and trashed them as well.

Back in iTunes I attempted another sync and without blinking an eye, iTunes and my iPhone ticked happily along syncing my photos to phone once again. A quick search on Google for [delete “iPod Photo Cache” iOS4][a_100716075410] turns up oodles of results of others with similar syncing problems, so I clearly was not alone.

Hopefully this helps you out.