My Thoughts — Retouching with Pixelmator

Swinging on the monkey bars
Swinging on the monkey bars, originally uploaded by seyDoggy.

I’ve long since been displeased with Photoshop, so much so that my last version was from CS3. Until recently there hasn’t been any hopeful contenders to step in the ring, but the release of [Pixelmator]( “Pixelmator”) 1.6 has certainly got a lot of peoples hopes up.

I don’t work in photo editors all that much anymore and I don’t get much into graphics since working with Chris at, so granted my needs are light. But still, I know what I want in an image and I want to be able to get it out. I want an editor that makes that process intuitive.

Yesterday I blogged about making a high pass filter in [Pixelmator]( “Pixelmator”) and honestly I had not done it the manual way in years, but I had no trouble at all finding what I was after in [Pixelmator]( “Pixelmator”). I cannot say the same of Photoshop.

Well this is the image I was working on. All I wanted was a high pass filter to sharpen up the eyes, a little vignette (which I will blog about making a convincing vignette next week), some color pop and a little bit of exposure tweaking. I can honestly say that it took me no more time or effort then it would have in Photoshop. In fact, I’m convinced that it was far less stressful.

So how do I think [Pixelmator]( “Pixelmator”) will stack up in the pro world? It’s still a little light. Graphic designers used to making rich icons courtesy of Photoshops confused vector tools (yes that’s me) will be looking for a proper vector editor if they dropped Photoshop all together. And there is something to be said for Photoshops layers styles and smart filters which I haven’t been able to reproduce in [Pixelmator]( “Pixelmator”) (someone point them out if they exist please), but honestly those were nothing you couldn’t do with masks and a little know-how.

I think [Pixelmator]( “Pixelmator”) has a way to go before becoming every photographers sweetheart but it’s very exiting to see how far they have come in such a short time. I’m putting smart money on [Pixelmator]( “Pixelmator”) being a real thorn in Adobe’s side in 3 to 5 years.