New Level of Geekdom — Executable Business Cards

new level of geekdom
new level of geekdom, originally uploaded by seyDoggy.

I am a bit of a business card junkie and a moo card junkie at that, so any excuse to print more is a good enough excuse for me. When Chris showed me this inspired design a few weeks back, I had to get them printed.

The idea is that as web professionals, our websites are our business cards, and those small bits of paper we hand out are just little notes to tell people to go there. So why not play with that idea, bringing a piece of the web to our cards. It’s not a completely original idea, you can find a few examples out there, but I’ve yet to see an executable business card (granted I haven’t really looked all that hard).

Chris’ original concept had the contact info in HTML, but it didn’t really say “me”. So I set out to make something a little more fun — an executable business card with all the code required to run my contact info in a web browser. Fun huh? Glad you thought so.

So if you’re interested in making your own executable business card (as a number of people have expressed already), I’ve made the source code available here, and you can see how it runs here. Use it as a spring board to do something really cool.