Get All Active IP Addresses on the Network

I am writing this post for my own sanity and not for anything of great importance to anyone else. Every time I change my networking setup — as would be the case right now, in the midst of me moving into the new office — I always lose my server. I don’t *lose* it as in can’t physically find it, I just lose it on the network.

Each time this happens I go searching for the bash commands to aid in the finding of my server. I need the IP address for my server because I don’t use it like I would any other machine with a keyboard and monitor — I access the server with secure shell or ssh.

I keep thinking that I wrote this all down (or blogged about it) but that never seems to be the case, so here goes…

To find or discover all the active IP addresses (and their MAC addresses) on the network:

$ arp -a

Once I’ve found the IP I am after (i.e. or I am free to ssh into it with:

$ ssh username@