Lisa Proud Kruszynski

It’s true, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. An old dear friend of mine passed away this week. It was sudden, unexpected. And it hurts. A lot.

In high school there was a small group of 5 that were inseparable — two girls and three boys. We took classes together, we studied together, we partied together… when one got kicked out of the house for teenage trouble making, the rest of us would take turns giving shelter. It was a teenage support group to help us all get through in one piece.

She was the strong one. The stable one. The one we all strived to be like.

In high school the teachers referred to her and I as soul mates, Frick and Frack, Tweedledee and Tweedledum… That made us laugh. We weren’t romantically involved. We used to fight like cats and dogs… brother and sister. But the teachers were right in a way, we were inseparable. All 5 of us were inseparable. Until after high school.

We all headed for college. The boys drifted one way and the girls drifted the other with always a, “Let’s get together for coffee soon,” or as the years rolled on, “Let’s make a play date for the kids.”

Fifteen or more years passed like that with little more then the odd chance encounter with the girls. The girls were tight still. The boys are still tight. The support group had done it’s job. We all grew up, too busy, family life, jobs… This shouldn’t happen between friends.

She was the strong one. The stable one. The one we all strived to be like.

And she’s gone. I hate this.

So many coffee dates come to naught and now they’ll never be.
So many “someday we’ll get together”, that someday we’ll never see.
We think we have forever so we never cherish here.
And now that you’re so far away I hate that you’re not near.

AM, AM, BC and WB is missing LP. Rest in peace. :,(