Setting up numbers, colors and mouse control in VIM

So I’m making my way through $ vimtutor because I feel like it’s time I think about letting go of emacs key bindings and the apps that such muscle memory keeps me bound to TextMate and Sublime Text. I’m not entirely new to vim but my vim-foo is limited and I’m certainly not proficient enough at it to make vim my full time editor.

Anyway, a few things I needed to figure out quick to make my stay in vim a little more comfortable was some basic setting to make it feel a bit more like home and mac the move from emacs-like editors a little less jarring. Line numbers, syntax coloring and mouse movements will certainly help.

So in my .vimrc file I added the following lines

set mouse=a
syntax on
set number

That feels a little more like home. And don’t worry, I will never be dependent on the mouse, I just need it while I get used to moving around.