Netflix plus Linux doesn't work… why?

Netflix Jocelyn: Hi Adam!

me: I pay for this service yet I can’t watch on my Linux laptop. Why?

Netflix Jocelyn: Oh no, so about the Linux, we have definitely been receiving a lot of feedback from customers with this program, and believe me, Netflix is considering adding Linux as a supported Netflix program. I would say just be a little patient a bit longer, and keep watching for Netflix to add it. I can go ahead and forward your concern for you as well.

me: Chrome OS is Linux and Netflix supports Chrome OS. So there is already support for Linux on a programmatic basis. So the excuse is thin to say the least.

me: Mac is Unix (a common derivative also used for Linux) so again, the foundation is there.
me: There is no valid excuse, the programs are written already.

me: It’s a matter of Netflix allowing something to happpen on a DRM side of things.

me: But please add my name to the list of annoyed paying customers.

Netflix Jocelyn: I totally understand,that the foundation is there, at the moment Netflix has not partnered with Linux, I will go ahead and add you to the list. Its a high demand on getting Linux for Netflix.