Solarize Your Whole System

Is there such a thing as too much Solarized? Last week I installed a variant of the Numix GTK Theme, called Numix Solarized Dark.

By default I have the Global Dark Theme option enabled in Gnome Tweak > Appearance so the change was not as jarring as it could be to many.


But after I flipped the switch to Numix Solarized Dark I was a bit overwhelmed for a few minutes. Since my terminal is already Soarized, the window bezel disappears. I quickly grew to like this.


Nautilus looks absolutely awesome and very easy on the eyes.


I had high hopes that all system apps would fully embrace the dark motif but sadly a few didn’t make the cut. Most notably Software Center.


But lots of others were fully transformed and look absolutely fantastic. Here are just a few…

Gnome Calnedar:


System Monitor:




But even a few of the 3rd party apps played great with the Numix Solarized Dark Theme as well, such as Birdie:


And Gimp looks absolutely fantastic:


All in all I don’t know how long I’ll run my entire OS looking like my code editor, but after spending a few days this way I can certainly say it hurts my eyes a lot less transitioning from my cool code editor over to Nautilus or my calendar or… you get the idea.