AngularJS RESTful Service Constructor

In my current role, I’m in a situation with numerous developers working on a single, large AngularJS project. With new API’s popping up every day, I want each developer to be able to crank out a new service to consume all the new API’s with little thought or effort. I decided to write a small, extensible RESTful constructor that does just that.

What it boils down to is this:

(function() {
    'use strict';

    .module('Restful', ['$http'])
    .factory('Restful', Restful);

    function Restful($http, $log, $q, RESTAPI) {

        var RestfulService = init,
            methods = {
                create: create,
                read: read,
                update: update,
                destroy: destroy

        return RestfulService;

        function init(config) {
        // iterates over the config and detrmines what CRUD
        // methods to make.

        function create(data, config) {
        // returns an $ method

        function read(id) {
        // returns an $http.get method

        function update(id, data, config) {
        // returns an $http.put method

        function destroy(id) {
        // returns an $http.delete method

        function notSupported(mthd) {
        // error handler for unsupported methods

And to make and use a new RESTful service:

 .module( 'myApp', [ 'Restful' ] )
 .factory( 'userService', function (Restful) {
   return new Restful( { path: 'users', methods: [ 'read', 'update' ] } )
 .controller( 'UserController', function (userService) {
   var vm = this;
   vm.user = void 0;
   .then( function () {
     vm.user =;
   userService.update('1234', { name: 'Adam Merrifield', occupation: 'developer' })
   .then( function () {
     vm.user =;

Here is the whole thing. I’m looking for input and practices that might significantly improve this, so leave comments or fork the gist.


Adam Merrifield


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