First Week with Ubuntu 17.10

I’ve been an elementary OS user on and off for a few years with the bulk of the last year or more dedicated to the OS. In recent months, however, I’ve been itching to take advantage of the later versions of the GNOME stack. With Ubuntu 17.10 returning to GNOME as their default desktop experience I thought now was the time to try Ubuntu proper again.

The first thing to note is that if you are looking for a default GNOME experience, the ubuntu-session is not that. It’s an experience that as closely mimics Unity Desktop as Ubuntu can manage. If you like Unity, this will be a welcome bit of effort on Canonical’s part. I don’t like Unity so their efforts were wasted on me. I figured modifying everything to my liking was not going to be a problem, however, GNOME Tweaks was not installed by default.

The battery life was terrible out of the box. I don’t know why TLP isn’t configured by default. I feel like previous versions of Ubuntu proper took better care of battery performance. Not a big concern since TLP is easy enough to add and configure, and I am used to doing it on elementary OS machines.

In the first couple of reboots, Chrome would continually log me out. It was a bug for a couple of days, then somehow went away. I am still unsure whether this is a Chrome thing, or an Ubuntu thing.

And the Amazon app… showing web results in the GNOME shell… Why can’t Canonical just quit with that? So I removed it:

sudo apt purge ubuntu-web-launchers

And lastly, in my first week so far, the two finger scrolling stops frequently (every session) and requires a restart to get the functionality back. I have a ThinkPad with the red-dot nib so I’m not left without a means of scrolling completely, but it is frustrating to say the least. On top of that, the responsiveness of the touchpad as a whole is quite off, so mush so that I have nearly written off the OS. But in a last ditch effort I tried installing the default gnome-session, which has greatly improved touchpad responsiveness (from what I can tell) but has done nothing to sort out the two-finger scrolling issue.

If anyone knows anything about the touchpad issues, please let me know.