REST API in Slim 3 Framework – Part 1

At work I write microservices in Java w/ Srping Boot or Node.j w/ Express.js or Loopback. At home though I still use PHP since it’s best option supported by cheap, shared hosting plans. PHP has a number of well seasoned frameworks, but I chose Slim for a few reasons

Manually Update Google Devices on elementary OS

By the time Google announce Android 7.1, my carrier still hadn’t got around to rolling out Android 7 on my Nexus 6. By the time Google Announced 7.1.1, I was just on 7 (which was a giant, crippling turd on the Nexus 6). By the time Google announced 7.1.2 (which I won’t get), I was getting security patches for 7.0.

Set elementary OS Files to Double-Click

elementary OS performs the primary action (i.e. open a file) when you click once on an item in Pantheon Files. This single-click behavior can be pretty jarring when many other OS’s rely on the age-old double-click action.

Find a Substring in a JavaScript Array

Last week a colleague asked me how to check if a substring exists in a JavaScript array and set that as a boolean flag. Assigning a boolean (or more accurately a value or 0) for the existence of a full string in an array is pretty easy, but a substring is a little different.

Switching to Linux as My Daily Driver

I’ve been using on and off and on since 2005. I’ve made a couple of attempts at making Linux my daily driver (last time in 2013) but music options weren’t what they are today. Now with native Spotify clients and what-not, I have no reason not to switch.