Bootstrap’s missing 480px to 640px column

By default, the smallest column (col-xs-*) spans from 480px to 768px, neglecting the ever-useful 640px screen size. This snippet aims to solve that by limiting col-xs-* to the 480px to 640px range (as far as the responsive utilities are concerned) and adding col-ms-* that covers the range between 640px and 768px.

Netflix plus Linux doesn't work… why?

Netflix Jocelyn: Hi Adam! me: I pay for this service yet I can’t watch on my Linux laptop. Why? Netflix Jocelyn: Oh no, so about the Linux, we have definitely been receiving a lot of feedback from customers with this…

Aboriginal village discovered on Strasburg Creek

I know this is older, but I wanted to bookmark the article for future reference. This site is just the street from my house. “A few hundred people lived in long houses, made pottery and grew corn in a medium…

Setting up numbers, colors and mouse control in VIM

So I’m making my way through $ vimtutor because I feel like it’s time I think about letting go of emacs key bindings and the apps that such muscle memory keeps me bound to TextMate and Sublime Text. I’m not entirely new to vim but my vim-foo is limited and I’m certainly not proficient enough at it to make vim my full time editor.