The Prodigy Son Has Returned

Reiley – December 2010, originally uploaded by seyDoggy. This is my 13 year old son who’s become quite the guitar player (considering his age). Better then me by the time I was 18 anyhow. Here he is playing my guitar….

Getting Behind on Canadian Music Find

Letting my duties slip a little, here are some Canadian musicians and musical acts collect over the last few weeks from the Twitter hash tag, [#canadianmusicfind]( “canadianmusicfind – Twitter Search”): * [54-40]( “The Official 54•40 Website”) * [A Northern Chorus…

#canadianmusicfind May 3rd – May 10th

Here is last weeks [#canadianmusicfind]( “canadianmusicfind – Twitter Search”) wrap up. * [Munnik]( “”) * [Tegan and Sarah]( “THE CON by TEGAN AND SARA”) * [Ruth Minnikin]( “Ruth Minnikin and her Bandwagon on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures…

End of April #canadianmusicfind wrap up

Lots of great Canadian music variety this week from #canadianmusicfind. Patrick Pleau Mother Mother The Weakerthans Jesse Dangerously Bob Kemmis Flecton Andrew Vincent The Dudes The Junior Boys Nick Zubeck Peter Elkas Islands Pick A Piper Vitaminsforyou [tags]Canadian, music, canadianmusicfind[/tags]