A whole bag o' #canadianmusicfind

I’ve been saving these ones up for a about a week or so. There is lots of great Canadian music here from [#canadianmusicfind](http://search.twitter.com/search?q=canadianmusicfind “canadianmusicfind – Twitter Search”). * [Dog Day](http://www.myspace.com/dogdaytheband “DOG DAY on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures…

#canadianmusicfind weekend recap

Here is a handful more Canadian musicians that you need to have a look at (from #canadianmusicfind). Derek Miller Lenny Breau Mike Filipowitsch Billy Manzik Greg MacPherson The County Boys Doug Paisly Johnny Favorite Swing Orchestra [tags]canadianmusicfind, canadian, music, twitter[/tags]

Celebrating the life of Mel Brown

You’ll recall in my post, [*Mel Brown, at stage left*](http://adam.merrifield.ca/2009/04/06/mel-brown-at-stage-left/ “Adam Merrifield { the collective – the collective thoughts and web works of adam merrifield}”), one of the things that brought my emotions and memories of Mel Brown around full circle was the presence of my old amp on stage behind Mels guitar and stool, assuming it’s old position.

#canadianmusicfind for April 14th

Lots of great music for the April 14th showing of [#canadianmusicfind](http://search.twitter.com/search?q=canadianmusicfind “canadianmusicfind – Twitter Search”): * [Cal Batchelor](http://www.calbatchelor.com/ “Cal Batchelor Official Website”) * [RUSH](http://www.rush.com/ “RUSH – Official Website”) * [Tom Cochrane](http://www.tomcochrane.com/ “Tom Cochrane”) * [Cowboy Mimes](http://cowboymimes.com/home.html “Cowboy Mimes”) * [Dianna…

Mel Brown’s Chicken Fat Has Arrived!

Today I got my copy of [Mel Brown’s](http://www.melbrownblues.com/ “The Official web site of Mel Brown”) *[Chicken Fat](http://www.vervemusicgroup.com/artist/releases/default.aspx?pid=10924&aid=6109 “Mel Brown – Chicken Fat – Impulse! Records”)* in the mail.