{ "overview": { "title":"Overview", "content":"I am a serial entrepreneur who has started or been involved with both large and small startups. From companies offering photography, video games or web applications, to companies in retail, financial or innovation — I have experienced both the sweetness of success and bitterness of failure. Through it all I have learned what it takes to build a great culture, strong teams and measured growth. As a senior full stack web application developer who specializes in JavaScript and frontend web design, I advocate accessibility, usability and user experience. I support open-source software and sharing of knowledge. I am a long-time contributor, organizer and speaker at variety of local developer events." }, "aboutme": { "title": "About Me", "content": "I am a senior level full stack web application developer who is passionate about accessible, responsive web design that focuses on rich and intuitive user experience. I prefer CLI to GUI, editors to IDE's and *nix to Windows." }, "objectives": { "title": "Career Objectives", "content": "I will continue to grow as a designer and developer, community contributor and learner of new things. I will focus my creative abilities and technical know-how to continually push the boundaries in the fields to which I apply them." }, "courses": [{ "course": "PROG1470", "title": "Java II", "year": 2017, "type": "mixed", "grade": 97 }, { "course": "PROG1460", "title": "Java I", "year": 2017, "type": "mixed", "grade": 99 }, { "course": "PROG1330", "title": "Problem Solving And Programming Concepts", "year": 2013, "type": "classroom", "grade": 94 }, { "course": "zr25luuj", "title": "C Programming for Beginners", "year": 2012, "type": "on-line", "grade": "completed" }, { "course": "cwyljawa", "title": "Objective-C for Beginners", "year": 2012, "type": "on-line", "grade": "completed" }, { "course": "5fez9upx", "title": "Break Into The Programming Business", "year": 2011, "type": "on-line", "grade": "completed" }, { "course": "PROG1580", "title": "PHP: Introduction", "year": 2008, "type": "classroom", "grade": 82 }, { "course": "44304100", "title": "Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing", "year": 2002, "type": "classroom", "grade": 83 }, { "course": "90298000", "title": "Internal Quality Auditor Training", "year": 2000, "type": "classroom", "grade": 92 }, { "course": "44304401", "title": "Metrology", "year": 2000, "type": "classroom", "grade": 87 }, { "course": "970196", "title": "Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies", "year": 2015, "type": "on-line", "grade": "70.4" }], "environments": [{ "name": "Mac", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2000 }, { "name": "Linux", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2005 }, { "name": "Xcode", "skillLevel": 7, "yearStarted": 2017 }, { "name": "MEAN Stack", "skillLevel": 7, "yearStarted": 2013 }, { "name": "Yeoman", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2013 }, { "name": "Vim", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2006 }, { "name": "WordPress", "skillLevel": 8, "yearStarted": 2005 }], "frameworks": [{ "name": "jQuery", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2008 }, { "name": "Bootstrap", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2011 }, { "name": "Node.js", "skillLevel": 7, "yearStarted": 2013 }, { "name": "Express.js", "skillLevel": 7, "yearStarted": 2013 }, { "name": "AngularJS", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2013 }, { "name": "Kendo UI", "skillLevel": 6, "yearStarted": 2016 }, { "name": "Sails.js", "skillLevel": 6, "yearStarted": 2013 }], "jobs": [{ "id": 1, "name": "Canadian Tire Innovations", "date": "2013/09 to 2014/10", "title": "Lead Developer/Hiring Manager", "description": "Canadian Tire Innovations is helping change the landscape of Canadian retail. We are engaging the consumer on the electronic front by building the next generation technology platform.", "responsibilities": " lead a team to develop proof of concept solutions that marry software and hardware together for the retail space and customer engagement.", "tech": "Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Angular.js, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5", "time": "40% personnel management, 35% Project Management, 20% coding and development, 5% layout and graphic design", "environment": "Mac, Vim, Sublime Text 3, git, bash, zsh, MEAN Stack" }, { "id": 0, "name": "Seydesign", "date": "2005/09 to 2013/12", "title": "Founder / Lead Developer", "description": "Since being founded in 2005, seyDoggy has developed web themes and stacks for the ever touted RapidWeaver web authoring app under the distribution name of seyDesign. The company was sold in December 2013 but is still in operation to this day.", "responsibilities": "create, deliver and support entire product line, planning, web design and development, e-commerce maintenance, marketing, video editing", "tech": "CSS, HTML, HTML5, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP", "time": "40% coding and development, 30% layout and graphic design, 10% administrative, 10% customer support, 10% site maintenance", "environment": "Mac, Linux, Vim, git, bash, LAMP Stack, RapidWeaver" }, { "id": 2, "name": "Firestitch", "date": "2014/10 to 2015/03", "title": "Lead Front-End Developer", "description": "A Toronto custom web application development company driven to see our clients succeed and ready to craft any mobile app, web app, or website you can dream up.", "responsibilities": "Design, develop and maintain a Frontend environment enabling efficient development for current and future applications. Work through the development lifecycle independently.", "tech": "AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, PHP", "time": "70% coding and development, 20% mentorship and management, 10% client management", "environment": "Mac OS X, iTerm2, Vim" }, { "id": 3, "name": "Veracity North", "date": "2015/03 to 2016/02", "title": "Senior Lead Web Developer", "description": "Veracity North brings educational media and interactive digital solutions that transform how America navigates the legal and financial minefields of real estate.", "responsibilities": "Generate new company web assets and services that will assist Veracity Credit and their strategic partners grow in the US credit and real estate markets.", "tech": "AngularJS, WordPress, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP", "time": "50% coding and development, 40% leadership and management, 10% client management", "environment": "Mac OS X, Linux, iTerm2, tmux, Vim" }, { "id": 4, "name": "Sandvine", "date": "2016/02 to 2017/02", "title": "Senior Software Engineer", "description": "Sandvine broadband equipment allows service providers to apply application-aware policies to ensure subscriber satisfaction and protect their network.", "responsibilities": "Feature Lead of a 6 person team, building a best-in-class BI platform to support hardware data collection and analysis, using modern SPA frameworks and standards compliant technologies.", "tech": "AngularJS, Gulp, Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap", "time": "70% coding and development, 30% leadership and management", "environment": "Linux, tmux, Vim" },{ "id": 5, "name": "Manulife", "date": "2017/02 to present", "title": "Mobile Development Lead", "description": "Manulife Financial provides insurance and investment solutions for individuals and organizations.", "responsibilities": "At Manulife, we are increasing our bench strength across the digital organization as we strive to deliver the very best hybrid and fully native mobile applications for our customers.", "tech": "Java, Swift, Spring Boot, Maven, Cloud Foundry", "time": "40% coding and development, 60% leadership and management", "environment": "Mac OS, tmux, Vim, Eclipse, Android Studio, Xcode" }], "languages": [{ "name": "HTML", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2000 }, { "name": "CSS", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2000 }, { "name": "JavaScript", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2007 }, { "name": "Swift", "skillLevel": 6, "yearStarted": 2017 }, { "name": "Git", "skillLevel": 10, "yearStarted": 2010 }, { "name": "Java", "skillLevel": 8, "yearStarted": 2017 }, { "name": "PHP", "skillLevel": 7, "yearStarted": 2005 }], "otherskills": ["Shell", "MongoDB", "Responsive web design", "Object Oriented Programming", "MarkDown", "MySQL", "WordPress", "C", "Objective-C", "Python", "Ruby"], "portfolio": [{ "project": "Manulife Bank App", "type": "Mobile App", "url": "", "role": "Solution Lead, solve problems, lead developers in their daily development tasks", "tech": "Cordova, MobileFirst Platform, WorkLight, AngularJS, CSS, HTML5" }, { "project": "ShipGooder", "type": "Web App", "url": "", "role": "Develop a front-end SPA web application with incorporated back-end REST API and shipping comparison engine", "tech": "AngularJS, SASS, HTML5" }, { "project": "Veracity Living", "type": "Web App", "url": "", "role": "Design, develop and deploy a front-end SPA with incorporated back-end REST API and real estate listing service.", "tech": "AngularJS, PHP, Node.js, WordPress" }, { "project": "Seydesign", "type": "Web App", "url": "", "role": "design, develop custom CMS and E-commerce system, markup and styling, logic and interaction", "tech": "HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / jQuery, PHP" }, { "project": "rFrame", "type": "jQuery Plugin", "url": "", "role": "design, logic and interaction", "tech": "JavaScript / jQuery" }, { "project": "SuperBox", "type": "jQuery Plugin", "url": "", "role": "logic and interaction", "tech": "JavaScript / jQuery" }, { "project": "Placeholder", "type": "PHP Class", "url": "", "role": "extend SimpleImage class, logic and interaction", "tech": "PHP" }, { "project": "Sytten", "type": "Web Theme", "url": "", "role": "responsive design, markup and styling, logic and interaction, customer facing user interface", "tech": "HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / jQuery, XML" }, { "project": "Nuvem", "type": "Web Theme", "url": "", "role": "responsive design, markup and styling, logic and interaction, customer facing user interface", "tech": "HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / jQuery, XML" }, { "project": "Aptenon", "type": "Web Theme", "url": "", "role": "responsive design, markup and styling, logic and interaction, customer facing user interface", "tech": "HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / jQuery, XML" }], "organizations": [{ "name":"Conestoga College Program Advisory Committee (PAC)", "role": "Member", "date": "September 2015 — Present" }, { "name":"Waterloo Wellington Web Makers Meetup", "role": "Co-Organizer", "date": "September 2008 — January 2015" }], "referral": [{ "name": "Julia Oulette", "title": "Designer", "work": "Pixel Pros Inc", "phone": "(519) 590-9900", "email": "" }, { "name": "Harry Tideman", "title": "Co-Owner at", "work": "Presentation Plus", "phone": "(416) 606-6564", "email": "" }, { "name": "Chris Cifonie", "title": "Web Designer", "work": "LTD Commodities", "phone": "(630) 715-5287", "email": "" }, { "name": "Jonathan Head", "title": "Founder/Owner", "work": "NimbleHost/seyDesign", "phone": "", "email": "" }, { "name": "Chris Pavlicek", "title": "Founder", "work": "Varsis Studio", "phone": "(780) 660-9414", "email": "" }] }