Curriculum Vitae

Senior Web Application Developer at Veracity North & Program Advisory Committee Member at Conestoga College

cell: 1 (519) 574-9788



I am a serial entrepreneur who has started or been involved with both large and small startups. From companies offering photography, video games or web applications, to companies in retail, financial or innovation — I have experienced both the sweetness of success and bitterness of failure. Through it all I have learned what it takes to build a great culture, strong teams and measured growth.

As a senior full stack web application developer who specializes in JavaScript and frontend web design, I advocate accessibility,usability and user experience. I support open-source software and sharing of knowledge. I am a long-time contributor, organizer and speaker at variety of local developer events.


# Language Skill Years
1 HTML 10 15
2 CSS 10 15
3 JavaScript 10 8
4 Shell 9 10
5 Git 9 5
6 MongoDB 7 2
7 PHP 7 10


# Framework Skill Years
1 jQuery 10 8
2 Bootstrap 10 4
3 Angular.js 10 2
4 Node.js 7 3
5 Express.js 7 2
6 Backbone.js 6 2
7 Sails.js 6 2


# Environment Skill Years
1 Mac 10 15
2 Linux 10 9
3 LAMP Stack 10 10
4 Yeoman 10 2
5 Vim 10 9
6 MEAN Stack 7 2
7 WordPress 7 10


Conestoga College Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

September 2015 _ Present | Kitchener, Ontario

Conestoga College is very aware of the importance of input from the community the college serves in areas such as programming, curriculum and employment opportunities. Member expertise and commitment of time are fundamental to the success of Conestoga College students and to enhancing the services the college offers to our citizens.

Work Experience

Senior Lead Web Application Developer

Veracity North
March 2015 – Present | Kitchener, Ontario

At Veracity North I am tasked with building new full-stack web applications to service the US credit repair and real estate markets. Along with the other senior team members, I will help build the right technical team to realize the many goals of Veracity Credit as they move to bring technical development in-house and expand on existing capabilities.

Technologies that I will be directly involved with are AngularJS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, Sails.js, Micro Services, REST API’s, HTML5, CSS3, Grunt, AJAX and more.

Lead Frontend Developer

October 2014 – March 2015 | Kitchener, Ontario

At Firestitch I was instrumental in the design, development and maintenance of large scale AngularJS single page web applications. I Worked through the development lifecycle independently, as well as collaborated with senior backend developers, project managers & QA technicians.

I assisted in defining designs, tasks and timelines, provided estimates for project durations and timelines and provided web application and general JavaScript consultation to clients.

Senior Lead Developer – Web Applications, CT Innovations

Canadian Tire
September 2013 – October 2014 | Kitchener, Ontario

As senior lead developer I was responsible for hiring and leading teams of co-op students to innovate and build solutions for retail and consumer engagement. By bringing full-stack JavaScript development and decoupled architecture to the team, I helped increased CTi’s profile by introducing standards, processes and workflows. Developing by convention over configuration made CTi’s offerings more credible, scalable and stable.

I made significant improvements in the hiring process and helped make CTi a desirable co-op destination. I sparked greater engagement across the open source developer community in Winnipeg, which helped raise Canadian Tire’s profile there allowing us to staff our Winnipeg office with great talent.

I identified and connected disparate developer cells across the corporation, uniting them to help bring change to various corporate IT struggles as Canadian Tire moved aggressively towards a digitally relevant future.

I helped build, maintain, and support a platform to develop the next generation of web and phone applications married with innovative hardware solutions. I worked with existing and new application technologies, ensuring version control, effectiveness and efficiency. Responsibilities included converting design specs (wireframes and mock-ups) into Node, Express, Sails, AngularJS, Yeoman, HTML5, CSS3, phonegap, etc to support our corporate online and in-store presence.

Founder, Lead developer

December 2005 – November 2013 | Kitchener, Ontario

For over 8 years I developed web themes and stacks for the ever touted RapidWeaver web authoring app under the distribution name of seyDesign, sold NimbleHost in December 2013.

Front End Engineer

Will Pwn 4 Food
November 2012 – January 2013 | Kitchener, Ontario

Front end web development, web site UI and UX growth and refinement, information architecture improvement and visitor channeling.

Lead Web Developer

PUMP Communications
November 2006 – August 2008

PUMP Communications was a registered trade mark of Presentation Plus, a print and media solutions firm based in Mississauga. I was handling their move into the web and multi-media realm with the coming launch of their web division, PUMP Communications.

Lead Web Developer

Theme Weaver
November 2006 – August 2008

THEME WEAVER was the RapidWeaver theme development branch of PUMP Communications. I was been the managing and maintaing the site and its products from its inception.



Waterloo Wellington Web Makers
September 2008 — January 2015
Science and Technology

Organize speakers and speaking engagements, co-host, community outreach.